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 1 59 PORSCHE 911S Peter Gregg-Hurley Haywood 80 laps 1.GTU
 2  1 PORSCHE 911S Michael Keyser-Bob Beasley 79 laps 2.GTU
 3 78 PORSCHE 914/6 914 143 0332 Daniel Muniz-Fred van Beuren 78 laps 3.GTU
 4 77 PORSCHE 911T Bruce Jennings 78 laps 4.GTU
 5  9 PORSCHE 911S 911 230 0056 Harry Bytzek-Klaus Bytzek 76 laps 5.GTU
 6 99 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Phil Currin 76 laps 1.GTO
 7 62 PORSCHE 911S Richard Schuck-Bert Everett 76 laps 6.GTU
 8 76 PORSCHE 911T George Stone 76 laps 7.GTU
 9  8 FORD PINTO Carson Baird-Joe Amato 73 laps 1.TU
10 16 BMW 2002Ti Phil Dermer-Russ Norburn 73 laps 2.TU
11 27 CHEVROLET CAMARO Lou Statzer-Tom Dutton 72 laps 1.TO
12 48 PORSCHE 911S Dave Helmick-John O'Steen 71 laps 8.GTU
13 69 OPEL MANTA Dennis Shaw-Steve Coleman 71 laps 3.TU
14 50 FIAT 124SC 124AC0068989 Steven Shepherd 67 laps 4.TU
15 46 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Charles Cook 66 laps 2.GTO
16 35 OPEL KADETT Ronnie Smith-Bill Cotton 65 laps 5.TU
17 31 MINI COOPER S William Holden-David James 65 laps 6.TU
18 26 FORD PINTO Carl White-Charles Alexander 64 laps 7.TU
19 93 FORD PINTO Jerry Walsh 64 laps 8.TU
20 58 FORD PINTO Tom Wilson-Ed Pratt 63 laps 9.TU
21 64 CHEVROLET CAMARO  124379N555039 Richard Sterbins 60 laps 2.TO
22 39 FORD MUSTANG Mike Yartrough-Sam Miller 57 laps 3.TO
23 32 MINI COOPER S Harold Oaks-Michael Booth 56 laps 10.TU
24 30 MGB GT James McQuaig 55 laps 9.GTU
25  4 FORD PINTO Rick LaCroix-Rick Schiesz 54 laps 11.TU
26 22 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Denny Long 45 laps 3.GTO
27 28 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Willie Schuldt-Andrew Bach 44 laps 4.GTO
28 68 FORD CAPRI Jim Stark-Toby Milne 41 laps 12.TU
29 24 FORD ESCORT John Buffum-Steve Behr 40 laps 13.TU
30 91 BMW 2002 Earl Fellin-Daniel J. Torpy 38 laps 14.TU
31 79 FORD CORTINA LOTUS Henry Mills-Webb Sullivan 37 laps 15.TU
32  3 DATSUN 510 George Alderman 37 laps 16.TU
33 90 CHEVROLET CAMARO Jerry Daca-Don Haines 34 laps 4.TO
34 89 PORSCHE 911T Mike Tillson-Dieter Oest 32 laps 10.GTU
35 74 CHEVROLET CAMARO Jon Krogsund-Bill Davis 29 laps 5.TO
36 73 ALFA ROMEO SPYDER Paul Spruell 28 laps 11.GTU
37 2 PORSCHE 911S Pete Harrison-Sam McLaughlin 27 laps 12.GTU
38 23 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Wilbur Pickett-Charlie Kemp 25 laps 5.GTO
39 21 AMC JAVELIN Robert Hennig-Russ Norburn 25 laps 6.TO
40 81 TRIUMPH Spitfire Alec Gillespie 25 laps 13.GTU
41 82 LOTUS ELAN James McNeill 22 laps 14.GTU
42 49 FORD CORTINA LOTUS Oliver Weikert-Fred Alexander 21 laps 17.TU
43 11 BMW 2002 Byron Morris-Clint Abernethy 20 laps 18.TU
44 33 ALFA ROMEO SPYDER Richard Heller 9 laps 15.GTU
45 87 FORD CORTINA LOTUS Stan Glick 8 laps 19.TU
46 14 PORSCHE 911S Andrew Carduner-Harry Theodoracopoulos 7 laps 16.GTU
47 98 ALFA ROMEO GTV Rasey Feezell 5 laps 20.TU
48 57 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Dave Heinz-Dana English 4 laps 6.GTO
49 83 TRIUMPH TR4 Howard Smith 2 laps 17.GTU
50 20 FORD PINTO Roger Mandeville 0 lap 21.TU
51  7 CHEVROLET CAMARO Eddie Johnson 0 lap 7.TO

Cars that did not start

   71 PORSCHE 911S Creed Smith-Reese Burris GTO
    6 PORSCHE 911 Jim Locke GTU
   17 CHEVROLET CAMARO Vince Gimondo-Billy Dingman GTO
   19 ALFA ROMEO BERLINA Bill Starck-Rick Jacobsen TU
   29 FORD MUSTANG Tommy Johnson-George Gunlock TO
   38 FIAT 124SC Paul Fleming TU
   44 FORD MUSTANG 6 Jan Nelson-Frank Dobias TO
   47 CHEVROLET CAMARO Mike McGinnes-Hugh Irwin TO
   55 CHEVROLET VEGA Bob Keslin-Jack Hundertmark TU
   66 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Mike Murray-Ike Knupp GTO
   70 PORSCHE 914/6 Lee McDonald GTU

Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood.

The race was to revive the year long rivalry between Dave Heinz Chevrolet Corvette and Peter Gregg's Porsche 911S. Dave Heinz had won the previous year's race but things were getting tough in 1972. The race was to feature a fifty one car entry list, with a very eclectic mix of cars. It would be mainly a Porsche versus Corvette battle. That could be very exciting. The GM squadron was to feature, alongside Dave Heinz-Dana English car, the Bobby Rinzler car, which was driven by Charlie Kemp-Wilbur Pickett. Those cars were classified in GTO class, as opposed to the Porsche 911s, which were GTU cars, thanks to their displacement. The both of them had won the previous race, which was held at Daytona. They were serious contenders. Another valuable entry was Phil Currin's '64 Sting Ray. Fast Phil was always amongst the best, even with an older car. Denny Long also ran an ex-Greenwood Corvette, while Charlie Cook was less renowned, and slower too. Willie Schuldt and Andrew Bach had a beautiful Sting Ray, a black beauty.

The Porsche troops was consistent, with the Brumos car, driven by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood, which was the favorite. The car was immaculate, and beautifully prepped. Another car was quite as good, the Toad Hall Racing car driven by Michael Keyser and Bob Beasley. They were the major opposition for the Brumos car. Both cars used the new 2,5L engine, which was much more powerful than the 2,0L one. Bruce Jennings, another Porsche legend, fielded his own 2,0L car, which he would drive solo. George Stone would drive the Silverstone car. Andrew Carduner and Harry Theodoracopoulos would share the Lash Racing Porsche 911S. Sam McLaughlin and Pete Harrison drove yet another Porsche 911S. Harry and Klaus Bytzek, two Porsche specialists, had switched from their 914/6 to a 911 too. Richard Schuck and Bert Everett, Dave Helmick and John O'steen, Mike Tillson and Dieter Oest were all Porsche regulars. The German make already had its strong contingent of drivers, from the beginning of the series. A strong Porsche 914/6 was also entered : it was the Mexican car, which was driven by Daniel Muniz and Fred van Beuren. A very potent AMC Javelin was fielded by Robert Hennig. The car was backed by Thiokol Chemical, and Russ Norburn would co-drive him. A bunch of Chevrolet Camaros was also entered. They were mostly Trans Am lookalike cars, but they were somewhat outdated. Jon Krogsund and Bill Davis drove the HRH Racing car. Jerry Daca and Don Haines, as well as Eddie Johnson, were honest drivers, but not potential winners. Richard Sterbins had probably the most effective car. Those cars were entered in the TO class, for Touring Over 2,0L. Lou Statzer and Tom Dutton had another car, which was also an old chassis. The only competition for the Camaros would be, apart from the Javelin, a single Ford Mustang. It was not a very strong car, though. Mike Yarbrough and Sam Miller had a '67 model.

The GTU class featured a host of various cars, including two Alfa Romeo Spiders. Paul Spruell had one car, as well as Richard Heller. One MGB GT, driven by James McQuaig, would face a Lotus Elan driven by James McNeill, a Triumph TR4 driven by Howard Smith and Triumph Spitfire driven by Alec Gillespie. The most consistent class, however, was undoubtedly the TU class, with no less than twenty one cars. It would be dominated by the Libra International Racing entered Ford Escort BDA. John Buffum and Steve Behr had no real opponent as to their speed, but matters were different regarding to reliability. Three BMW 2002s were entered, and the best looking car was Phil Dermer's Gemini Racing car. It was the fastest one, too. The two other cars were less developed. Byron Morris and Clint Abernethy's car, as the Earl Fellin and Daniel Torpy's, were essentially Production cars, which had been slightly updated. A bunch of six Ford Pintos was entered. The cars were less competitive, but somewhat reliable. Carson Baird and Joe Amato had the fastest car. Roger Mandeville and H W Alexander, Carl White and Charles Alexander, Rick La Croix and Rick Schiesz , Jerry Walsh, a well known specialist, as well as Tom Wilson and Ed Pratt could do well in their class. Ford not only had Pintos, but also counted on Cortina Lotuses, which were interesting cars. Oliver Weikert and Fred Alexander, as well as Henry Mills and Webb Sullivan or Stan Glick could do well with those English racers. A lonely Ford Capri driven by Jim Stark and Toby Milne seemed to be lacking the necessary power to be a threat in this class. A well-driven Opel Manta would try to emerge from those furious racers with Amos Johnson and Steve Coleman at the wheel. A Fiat 124SC, entered and driven by Steven Shepherd, was a welcome addition to the ranks of this class. The other cars were less potent. Razey Feezell fielded a beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV. Ronnie Smith and Bill Cotton had an Opel Kadett and George Alderman was entering the sole Datsun 510. To complete the roster, a duo of Mini Coopers was swarming. Harold Oaks and Michael Booth, William Holden and David James would try to compensate the lack of power with a great aggressiveness in driving.