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Welcome to the IMSA History unofficial website

This site is aimed at bringing you memories from the glory days of sportscar racing in the US.

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You'll probably wish to find out how to use this site : here are a few guidelines.

This site will try to provide you with the most information pertaining to this great series. The focus of this site is mainly historical and to gather the most information available. Each season will be covered on a year by year basis. The results will be displayed thanks to what I know until this moment. Some of them need to be updated as some seasons do not provide us with the race numbers.

Check out the results pages

Any kind of contribution would be kindly appreciated. If you happen to be a race spectator or if you participated in some races as a mechanics, truckie or team member, you may probably have some memories to share. You would bring this site the flavor of the past. Don't forget that this series was very successful, so the racing accounts do exist. I just need to be able to process them.

You may send your documentation to me, that is to say magazine articles or race reports, via email or whatever mean. Material will be carefully scanned and returned to the sender. Any contributor would be credited.

What you are going to find in this website

  • Full race results
  • Overall standings
  • Testimonials
  • Galleries
  • Race stories
  • Technical facts
  • Drivers bio
  • Categories
  • Cars database
  • Series evolution
  • PDFs
  • Miscellaneous information
  • Chassis #
  • Everything about IMSA...

Any suggestion or question?

Your comments or feedback are necessary to us. It helps us improve this site in a dramatic way!

The IMSA Camel GT Challenge is not dead. It will live through the IMSA History website. You'll be able to relive the "Good old days".

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A special attention should be given to the
IMSA History Club, with a lot of features offered to its future members. Please visit the dedicated page.


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